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Egg Shaami Kebab

This is an interesting twist to the regular shaami kebabs made with mutton or chicken. Boon for egg lovers, a tasty starter made with boiled eggs & potatoes with a dash of Homemakerz Red Chili Salt

Homemakerz Egg Shaami Kebab
Homemakerz Recipes | Egg Shaami Kebab


1. Eggs (4)

2. Potato (2 big)

3. Onion (1 big)

4. Green Chilli (2)

5. Parsley/Coriander (a small bunch)

6. Homemakerz Red Chili Salt (1 tablespoon)

7. Cornflour (I tablespoon)

8. Fresh Breadcrumbs (made from 4 slices of bread)


Step 1 - Hard boil the eggs.

Step 2 - Boil the potatoes.

Step 3 - Mash the eggs & potatoes.Mix them well together.

Step 4 - Add finely chopped onion, green chillis & parsley or coriander.

Step 5 - Add Homemakerz Red Chili Salt and mix well. Adjust seasoning to your taste.

Step 6 - Mix everything well and make round shaami kebabs.

Step 7 - Make a cornflour slurry by adding one cup of water to the cornflour. Mix well. Make sure there are no lumps in the slurry.

Step 8 - Cut the sides of 4 bread slices and grind in a mixer to make bread crumbs.

Step 9 - Dip the kebabs in the slurry and then coat them with the fresh bread crumbs and shallow fry on a non -stick pan till golden on both sides.

Step 10 - Serve hot with Homemakerz Red Chili Sauce Chutney.

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