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Grilled Italian Chicken

Make delicious Grilled Italian Chicken with just 2 ingredients! Homemakerz Italian Salt and Homemakerz Tomato Basil Sauce This simple and easy Grilled Italian Chicken Legs recipe is tender, juicy, and cooked to perfection. Makes for a perfect addition to pasta and salads, and can be enjoyed as the main meal for lunch or dinner.


1. Chicken Drumsticks (6)

2. Homemakerz Italian Salt (2 tablespoons)

3. Homemakerz Tomato Basil Sauce (200 grams or to taste)

4. Salt to taste


1. Marinate the chicken drumsticks with Homemakerz Italian Salt and keep aside for a minimum of 10 minutes, for best results marinate overnight.

2. Grill the drumsticks in an air fryer or on a grill pan, till nice and golden.

3. In a pan take half a bottle (or more if you want it saucy) of Homemakerz Tomato Basil Sauce, heat it a little.

4. Add the chicken drumsticks and toss them in the sauce till well coated. Adjust the salt to taste.

5. Garnish with fresh basil (optional).

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