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Millet Noodle Waffles

Waffles, a popular breakfast food, made super heathy and delicious using Homemakerz Millet Noodles!


1. Homemakerz Millet Noodle (One Packet of your choice)

2. Mixed Dal (1 Cup, soaked overnight)

3. Fresh Chopped Coriander (1/2 Cup)

4. Mixed Vegetables of your choice (3/4 Cup of Carrots, Beans, Bell Peppers, diced)

5. Salt to taste

6. Green Chutney to serve


Step 1. Boil Homemakerz Millet Noodles as per instructions on the packet or as shown in the video.

Step 2. Soak mixed dal, overnight and grind it to a paste in the morning.

Step 3. Mix Homemakerz Millet Noodles, mixed dal, vegetables and salt to taste, till you get a consistency that can easily spread on your waffle maker, follow the video carefully.

Step 4. Heat your waffle maker & grease it slightly. Pour the noodle mixture in the waffle maker and wait for the magic to happen.

Step 5. Your delicious and healthy Homemakerz Millet Noodle Waffles are ready.

Step 6. Dip them into your favourite chutney and enjoy them hot. They make a very healthy & delicious breakfast dish or an evening snack.

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