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Millet Rice Vegetable Upma

Upma is a sumptuous and easy recipe which can be eaten as a snack, whenever hunger strikes. We have made this recipe healthier by using Homemakerz Millet Rice!

Millet Rice Upma by Team Homemakerz
Homemakerz Recipes | Millet Rice Upma


  1. Homemakerz Millet Rice (One Packet of your choice)

  2. Oil (1/2 Teaspoon)

  3. Ghee (1/2 Teaspoon)

  4. Heena, Zeera, Rai & Curry Leaves (1 Tablespoon, mix of all)

  5. Ginger & Garlic (2 Tablespoons, chopped)

  6. Onion (One large, chopped)

  7. Mix Vegetables (2 Cups, chopped of your choice, carrots, capsicum, beans, tomatoes taste nice)

  8. Salt & Sugar to taste

  9. Chilli Powder as per taste

  10. Turmeric Powder (1/2 Teaspoon)

  11. Grated Amla (1 Tablespoon)

  12. Water to soften the veggies

  13. Lemon Juice, Coriander & Grated Coconut for garnishing.


Step 1. Prepare the Homemakerz Millet Rice as per instructions on the packet.

Step 2. In another pan, heat a teaspoon mix of oil and ghee. Add heeng, zeera, rai & curry leaves. Let it crackle.

Step 3. Add chopped ginger & garlic, sauté well.

Step 4. Add chopped onions, sauté well.

Step 5. Add chopped vegetables of your choice.

Step 6. Add salt, pinch of sugar, chilli powder, haldi & grated amla.

Step 7. Sprinkle some water, cover the pan with a lid for a few minutes, till vegetables soften.

Step 8. Now add the prepared Homemakerz Millet Rice & gently mix.

Step 9. Squeeze some lemon juice and garnish with freshly chopped coriander and grated coconut.

Step 10. Delicious & healthier Millet Rice Upma is ready!

Recipe Credit: Customer Ravi Wahi

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