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Flavoured Cooking Salt Combo of 4 - Red Chili + Curry + Italian + Grill - 100 gm

Flavoured Cooking Salt Combo of 4 - Red Chili + Curry + Italian + Grill - 100 gm

₹830.00 Regular Price
₹705.50Sale Price

For quick gourmet dishes try our ready to use salts, can be used in a variety of cuisines. They are a ready to use blended combination of salt and different spices, to alleviate the taste of all your recipes. Some of these have come down generations.


Try them all!


Red Chili Salt: A heritage recipe coming down generations. Adds zing to just about anything on your plate. From fried eggs in the morning to your raita in the evening. Enrich your gourmet Indian cooking with our salt.


Curry Salt: Here it comes to add flavour, taste, seasoning and spice to your Indian Curries, Dals and Kadhi. Garnish your food with this age-old salt. Give it a try.


Italian Salt: Add flavour, taste and seasoning to your Italian cooking. Smell and feel the freshness of the natural ingredients mixed with sea salt. Flavour, taste and health in every bite.


Grill Salt: Grilling made easy and oil free with our Grill Salt. It has everything that you need to grill. Enjoy. A must have. A versatile mixture. Relish your barbecued or sautéed vegetables or meat with this salt.


With our flavoured Salts - the mantra is 'less is more' - they enhance the flavour of your dish and reduce the intake of salt.

  • Product Information

    • Quantity: Salt: 4 x 100 gm each.
    • Ingredients: Red Chili Salt: Sea Salt, Chili Flakes, Cumin, Asafoetida. Curry Salt: Sea Salt, Chili Flakes, Cumin, Garam Masala & Dry Mango. Italian Salt: Sea Salt, Herbs, Seasoning & Garlic Powder. Grill Salt: Sea Salt, Ginger, Onion & Garlic Powder & Seasoning.
    • Cuisine: Indian, Italian & Continental.
    • Benefits: Trans Fat-Free, Preservative & Chemical Free, Natural Ingredients, 100% Vegetarian, No Added Sugar, No Added Colour.
  • Usage & Storage Information

    • Shake well before use. If salt solidifies, simply crumble with fingers to retain texture.
    • Store in a dry place.
    • Best before 9 months from manufacturing date.
  • Shipping Information

    • Shipping Cost: Varies based on location, weight & packaging.
    • Shipment Tracking: Shipment can be tracked on
    • Delivery Time: 5 – 7 business days
    • Product Packaging: Glass container, bubble wrapped and shipped in carton.
  • Return & Refund Policy

    No returns or refunds unless:

    • There is breakage of the container while shipping which renders the product unusable at the time of delivery
    • The customer has received an incorrect order
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