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Egg Fried Rice

Fluffy & aromatic egg fried rice is a crowd pleaser. Try making it with Homemakerz Ragi Millet Rice, for a healthier and wholesome meal.

Egg Fried Rice by Team Homemakerz
Homemakerz Recipes | Egg Fried Rice


2. Finely Chopped Mixed Vegetables (2 Cups)

4. Oil (2 Teaspoons)

5. Salt to taste

6. Egg (1Number)


Step 1. Cook Homemakerz Ragi Millet Rice as per the instructions on the pack.

Step 2. In a pan, add oil & all the vegetables and cook on high heat for 2-3 minute (remember the vegetables should have a crunch).

Step 3. Add Homemakerz Red Chili Sauce and toss the vegetables.

Step 4. Add a well beaten egg gradually to the vegetables mixture and mix well.

Step 5. Adjust the salt to your taste.

Step 6. Gradually add the Homemakerz Ragi Millet Rice and mix well.

Step 7. Serve hot.

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