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Chatpata Karela

Give this Karela recipe a try which is a delicious dry sabzi, sautéed in Homemakerz Kaala Chaat Masala, which lends a chatpata flavour to the dish. Serve it along with dal and rice for a homely lunch or dinner.

Chatpata Karela by Team Homemakerz
Homemakerz Recipes | Chatpata Karela


1. Karela/ Bitter Gourd (250 grams)

2. Onion (2 big)

3. Salt to taste

5. Chilli Flakes (1 teaspoon)

6. Turmeric (½ teaspoon)

7. Mustard Oil (2 tablespoons)

8. Lime Juice (1 small lime)


Step 1. Wash and thinly slice the karela.

Step 2. Add 1 tablespoon salt to the karela and keep aside for 2 hours.

Step 3. Wash the karela well after that.

Step 4. Heat mustard oil in a heavy bottom pan, till it reaches a smoking point.

Step 5. Now Add the karela and toss on high flame.

Step 6. Add all the dry masalas and Homemakerz Kaala Chaat Masala. Cook on slow flame till it is almost done.

Step 7. Add the finely sliced onions and toss on high flame. The onions should retain their crunchiness.

Step 8. Add chilli flakes.

Step 9. Add lime juice and serve hot with paranthas.

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