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Millet Fried Rice

Updated: Oct 31

This Homemakerz Jowar Millet fried rice is a delicious and wholesome twist on classic fried rice. A must try!

Millet Fried Rice by Team Homemakerz
Homemakerz Recipes | Millet Fried Rice


1. Oil (2-3 Tablespoons)

2. Sliced Onions (½ Cup or 2 Big Onions)

3. Ginger/Garlic/Green Chillies (1 Teaspoon each, finely chopped)

4. Carrots/Beans/Spring Onions (All diced and 1/2 Cup each ( add vegetables for your choice)

5. Salt to taste

6. Homemakerz Red Chili Sauce (2 Tablespoons)

7. Homemakerz Jowar Millet Rice (1 Packet)


Step 1. Boil Homemakerz Jowar Millet Rice as per instructions on the back of the packet.

Step 2. Heat oil in a wok, add onions and spring onions & lightly sauté.

Step 3. Add all the vegetables, Homemakerz Red Chili Sauce and mix well. Sauté just for a 2-3 minutes, vegetables should have a crunch.

Step 4. Gently add Homemakerz Jowar Millet Rice, mix well and garnish with spring onion greens.

Step 5. Serve hot.

Watch the recipe video on Youtube:

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