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Millet Noodle Cutlet

Noodle cutlets is a delicious recipe usually made for breakfast, evening snack or can be served as a starter. Make them with a healthy twist using Homemakerz Millet Noodles.

Homemakerz Recipes by Team Homemakerz
Homemakerz Recipes | Millet Noodle Cutlet


1. Homemakerz Millet Noodles (1 packet of your choice, crushed & boiled as per the instructions on the packet)

2. Onion (2 big, finely chopped)

3. Boiled Mashed Potato (1½ cup)

4. Carrot finely chopped (1 cup)

5. Boiled Mashed Peas (½ cup)

6. Bell Peppers (1/4th cup, finely chopped)

7. Green Chilli (2-3 or as per taste)

8. Ginger Garlic Paste (1 tablespoon)

9. Coriander Leaves (1/2 cup, finely chopped)

10. Homemakerz Green Chili Sauce (2-3 tablespoons or as per taste)

11. Oil (3-4 tablespoons to shallow fry the cutlets)

12. Homemakerz Red Chili Sauce (for dipping)

13. Salt & Pepper as per taste


Step 1. Take a large mixing bowl and mix all the ingredients.

Step 2. Take a handful of noodle and vegetable mixture and roll into balls. Flatten these and shape them into cutlets. If your hands get sticky, simply dip them in water before rolling the cutlet.

Step 3. Heat a pan with oil, when the oil is hot, shallow fry the cutlets on both sides till they turn brown.

Step 4. Serve hot with Homemakerz Red Chili Sauce.

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