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Roasted Tomato Soup

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Best homemade roasted tomato soup recipe - is easy & made flavourful with the addition of Homemakerz Italian Salt! A dish the whole family will enjoy this Winter.

Roasted Tomato Soup
Homemakerz Recipes | Roasted Tomato Soup


1. Tomatoes (500grams - halved lengthwise)

2. Garlic (8 cloves, peeled and smashed with the back of a knife)

3. Ginger (1 inch)

4. Carrots (4)

5. Brown Butter (3 tablespoons)

6. Onion (1 large, chopped (optional)

7. Potato (1 large, cut into half)

8. Olive Oil (2 tablespoons)


Step 1. Preheat the oven.

Step 2. On a baking tray put the tomatoes, garlic and ginger. Drizzle with olive oil & Homemakerz Italian Salt and roast till it gets slightly charred.

Step 3. Once this is done, add the roasted tomatoes, ginger-garlic, onion, chopped carrots & potato to a pressure cooker and cook for 10 minutes on high pressure or 2-3 whistles.

Step 4. Once it is done, cool all the ingredients and then puree everything in a blender and strain.

Step 5. In a pot add 3 tablespoons of butter & let it brown. Add the strained puree to it.

Step 6. Add Homemakerz Italian Salt to taste and bring the soup to a boil.

Step 7. Serve hot with a dash of cream, a sprig of thyme & croutons.

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