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About Us

Homemakerz is a Celebration of Good Taste.

The brand, launched in 2018, aims to provide healthy, tasty & convenient gourmet food for modern day lifestyle.
Our handcrafted products range from gluten-free millet noodles, millet rice, versatile sauces, to flavoured hakka noodles, traditional masalas & flavoured salts. 
All products are 100% vegetarian and trans fat-free. Made from original recipes, they are also preservative and chemical free!
At Homemakerz, we believe that good food is integral to any happy occasion. With our innovative, healthy, and tasty range of products, we hope to be part of your celebrations!


Trying to shift to a millet based diet and found Homemakerz Millet Rice very tasty. Everybody including my teenage children found this rice appetising. It is a must try product for those seeking healthy options that are easy to cook and deliver on taste!

Mohit Mehra

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