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Millet Rice Balls

These hearty and savoury Millet Rice balls stuffed with cheese, coated in cornflour slurry, then deep fried for the crunch are perfect for dipping into Homemakerz Green Chili Sauce. These little millet balls make a great snack or a delicious weeknight dinner with a side salad or sweet potato fries. You’ll love them on a cold winter night!

Millet Rice Balls by Team Homemakerz
Homemakerz Recipes | Millet Rice Balls


1. Homemakerz Millet Rice (½ packet of a variant of your choice, cooked as per instructions on the packet)

2. Potatoes (3 big, boiled & mashed)

3. Mix Vegetables (carrot/cauliflower/beans/peas -1 Cup boiled and mashed)

4. Salt to taste

5. Homemakerz Thai Chili Garlic Sauce (1 Tablespoon or to taste)

6. Grated Mozzarella Cheese (½ Cup)

7. Coriander (1 Cup finely chopped)

8. Oil to fry cutlets

9. Cornflour Slurry (1 Tablespoon)



Step 1. Mix all the ingredients, except cheese, very well, adjust the salt and the sauce to taste.

Step 2. Grease your palms and take a little mixture and make small flat cutlets.

Step 3. Fill the center with grated cheese and roll into small balls.

Step 4. Dip the balls into cornflour slurry and fry in hot oil till nice and crisp. Serve hot with Homemakerz Green Chili Sauce.

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